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How to reach Ancient Capua


To visit the Ancient Capua you have to reach Santa Maria Capua Vetere, where there was the monumental center of the ancient city.

Santa Maria Capua Vetere has a railway station that is connected with Naples and Rome. The town is also on the most important Italian motorway, A1 (E45), which connects Milan with Naples passing through Rome.


train          By Train*:

     –  from Caserta: 6 min. (regional train)

     –  from Naples:  45 min. (regional or metropolitan train)

     –  from Rome:  1h 11 min. to Caserta (eurostar train) + 6 min. (regional train)



          By Car:

     –  from Caserta: 6 km (3.7 mi)

     –  from Naples:  36 km (22.3 mi)

     –  from Rome:  193 km (120 mi)



          By Ship:

     –  from Naples’ port + train or bus to Santa Maria Capua Vetere

     –  from Salerno’s port + train (57 min. from Salerno to Caserta)

     –  from Civitavecchia (Rome):  1h to Rome’s railway station



          By Plane:

     –  from Naples: Capodichino International Airport + bus to Caserta (1 every 25 min.)

     –  from Rome:  Fiumicino International Airport

     –  from Rome:  Ciampino International Airport


* to find info about tickets: http://www.trenitalia.com/ (type S. Maria Capua Vetere as destination into the search engine)