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Amphitheater of Capua

The second biggest amphitheater in the world, behind only to the Colosseum in Rome, built some years after the Roman one. It was erected in the time of emperor Augustus (I century BC), restored by Hadrian and dedicated by Antoninus Pius.

The exterior was formed by 80 Doric arcades disposed on four levels. It could contain more than 60,000 spectators. Its subterranean passages are among the best preserved in the world. 

Capua’s amphitheater (a more ancient one, on whom the actual amphitheater was built) is famous because in its arena fought Spartacusthe rebel gladiator who raised an army of slaves to challenge the mighty Rome in 73 BC.

It was destroyed, first by the Vandals, than by the Saracens and used as a fortress by the Longobard princes of Capua.

Fireworks at the Amphitheatre

Thanks to Uriele Russo, videomaker